Nytt album

Fredrik Swahn’s new album is released i January 2017 after 2 singles released:
"Another f*g opportunity for growth” and ”Come a little closer"
- Can he not find himself soon Fredrik Swahn ???

He throws himself into new challenges, workshops, courses, mengroups, tantra, mindfulness, open relationships, therapy: live, learn, try!

Most of the things seem to turn into music - now with the producer of Darin - Ollie Olson who has taken the new songs of Fredrik Swahn to a whole new universe.

Music is personal development - both for Fredrik himself and the listener.
"Thoughts I need to remind me of again and again, record after record ... although in different forms and expression.” - says Fredrik.

Titles such as "If I could save you" about codependency and "Where do I find me" that reflects on our desire to constantly look outside us to try to find ourselves. Fredrik has a desire to be a more present parent, passionate lover, confident entrepreneur and creative inspirer and artist. Fredrik has really been able to capture this quest that we all struggle with in his music and inspire us to trust that "What will be will be".

The entire production is aimed at disseminating and reminding us of the wisdom that we all carry deep inside, but we do not always have time to listen to. Everything with a glimpse in the eye.

Fredrik's music has long been spread in many inspiring contexts and now continue this journey even wider by Ollie Olson's production.

He is both the inspirational speaker, mindfulness instructor and singer, the last with training from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The list of engagements as an artist is long. He has starred in and produced over 10 CDs, been featured in the TV-show ”Sa skall det lata” several times, had a musical career with starring roles in, among others RENT, Hair and West Side Story, competed in the eurovision songcontest.

Fredrik's motto is: " Let the desire for trying be stronger than the fear of failure!" Besides the music Fredrik also runs the ”EKO- SPA - Vilan” and a beautiful, big, old concert-arena where his friends and artistic elite do summerconcerts since over 10 years in Fredrik's tiny homevillage Stjarnsund in the south of Dalarna in Sweden.

Private Frederick has brought up four children, but divorced five years ago, which was yet: another fucking opportunity for growth .

Over the years, Fredrik Swahn has spread energy with his voice-workshop "You are the voice" at festivals and around Sweden, where his own music has to taken bigger and bigger part of the workshop. He has written the lyrics in collaboration with various authors and coaches.

The new album will also be a new show and workshop which will open in conjunction with the album release in January 2017 for Fredrik loves to connect with his audience.